A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hi there! Welcome to Instrucdoors! You may be here because of the Community Game Jam, but that's not important. All you have to do here is follow my instructions to get a sick reward! If you don't do that, your faith may not be the same. There may or may not be 7 different endings that you can try to find.

So, ready to follow my instructions? 


Instrucdoors 27 MB
Instrucdoors - OSX (not tested, I don't own a Mac) 45 MB


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Dude the game is amazing.
The intro, the cuting edge voice over, the soundtrack, the multiple endings...
Just being made by you, this is such a good staple of what one person can make within a week.
In addition the interaction with the community and that you like to help and give advice, really appreciate.
I guess I'll see you around ;)
Have a great one.

Really liked the intro! (And the rest of the game of course)

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I played the Mac version and it worked just fine. It only had the slight problem of the window being a tad small and unresizable, but otherwise it worked like a charm.

Great game too! I loved the intro sequence.


Thanks for playing! Really happy that you enjoyed it! 

Whew! Really took a shot in the dark by publishing a Mac build without being able to test it. Glad to know it works! Tiny window, but playable!